Vasanth is an enterprising, dynamic lawyer with a difference. He wears many hats; he is not only a lawyer of high repute, but also a Market analyst, Economist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Law teacher and a documentary filmmaker.

He already has several achievements in litigation to his credit and has successfully argued and won landmark cases which were of national importance. He has already accumulated a formidable reputation in the legal fraternity because of his deft and innovative handling of cases. He was instrumental in the probe and investigation of online data theft (Cyber crime) that was featured in newspapers and television programmes. He has won several cases for the rights of minorities, farmers and para-military forces that were of national importance. He has authored a legal text titled “Conceptual Foundations of Competition Law in India”, a few newspaper columns and several international papers to his credit. He has also written and directed a documentary film titled “Cleaning the Courtroom” which is featured on OTT platform.


Need to rein in Big Tech before it gallops beyond control

In light of the recent Karnataka High Court order rejecting the demand by tech companies Amazon and Flipkart to stay a Competition Commission of India-directed investigation into the two companies, VASANTH ADITHYA. J explains the excessive influence that Big Tech companies have come to enjoy in global affairs, and why the world has started to push back against their monopoly power....(Read more)

Flipside of new human trafficking bill

Despite the new bill expanding the scope and territorial jurisdiction of offences, sex workers fear losing livelihood with the conflation of trafficking and their profession, argues VASANTH ADITHYA. J...(Read More)

New Emigration Bill a step forward, but Indians need more

The Emigration Bill, 2021, likely to be introduced in Parliament soon, is an opportunity to regulate and reform the recruitment process for Indians who seek employment abroad. It improves on the Emigration Act, 1983 but needs further reform to protect Indian employees who work in other countries, writes VASANTH ADITHYA.....(Read More)

Online firm shuts shop after promising money for clicking on ads.

Even as e-tail and great deals are enticing consumers, Bangalore police are investigating a complaint from people cheated by an online marketing firm The firm, which collected money from people and assured them high returns......(Read More)

Fly-by-night online firm dupes investors of Rs 400cr

The modi operandi are all similar: Launch a Website, spread the word through advertisement, lure, customers into investing money in get-rich-quick schemes, and disappear one day with all that money.. (Read More)

The Sparrow that left

If the sparrow is any indication of how the world is changing, soon crows and trees might also be found only in e-books, warns J. Vasanth Adithya