About Us


Kreetam with insatiable passion is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Our clients depend on the firm’s ability to find innovative solutions to complex issues and Kreetam’s experts use the firm’s experience and resources to help clients handle these challenges. We are highly respected for our integrity, professionalism and exceptional client results. We are a team of strong vigour and zeal who are committed to delivering extraordinary client service and satisfaction.

We at Kreetam Law Associates believe in providing the best solutions to our clients in the most cost effective way. Our experts provide top quality legal, taxation and market research services to corporates and non-governmental organizations. We contribute insight through articles and other resourceful reports to publications as well. Law is an omnipotent and ever-expanding entity, with unimaginable significance and ramifications. As experts, we provide a vast variety of services to our clients.

We have successfully represented many complex and high profile cases, including matters involving high-profile individuals. The firm is unique positioned, both in resources and experience, to achieve exceptional results. Due to our result-oriented strategies success, we are able to provide our clients with a strong competitive edge over their opponents. This advantage allows our firm to continue to be well-positioned to litigate cases and transcend them to successful conclusions.