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We, at Kreetam, strive to always stay one step ahead and persistently continue to challenge ourselves to bring new and unique ways of solving the most complex legal challenges our clients face. The firm offers cost-effective and high-quality services, solutions-based approach, providing innovative and sound commercial advice and a culture geared toward establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships. Our aim is to deliver quality in assurance, providing strategic, legal and market research across various sectors.

Awards & Recognitions

St. Joseph's College of Commerce
Plaque of Honour for your contribution to the institution
Mount Carmel College
One Day Symposium on Myth & Realities on Gender in Society
St. Anne's F.G. College
EPOCH 2016 - Udbhav Intercollegiate Cultural & Literary Fest

Practice Areas

Family Law
We specialize in divorce & custody matters, and domestic violence cases.
Civil Litigation
We specialize in non-criminal matters, such as contracts, property, and torts and provide expert representation in civil legal matters.
High Court Matters
We specialize in high court matters, providing clients with experienced representation in complex legal issues. The firm's expertise in high court matters ensures positive outcomes for clients.
Arbitraton & Mediation
We specialize in International Commercial Arbitration & Domestic Arbitration.
Commercial Litigation
We specialize in Contracts & Specific performance, and money recovery.
Legal documentation
We specialize in Drafting contracts, drafting non-compete agreements, drafting confidentiality agreements, drafring share purchase agreements, drafring inter-company management agreements, and draftign and vetting MOUs.
Consumer Protection
We specialize in defense against vexatious and frivolous claims.
Employment & Labour
We specialize in drafting of employment contracts, drafting of vendor/dealer contracts and vetting of all contracts, guidance on implementation of all Labour Acts applicable such as Payment of Wages Act, National & Festival Holiday Act etc.
Merger & Acquisitions
We specialize in Due diligience, market valuation, letter of intent, Exit Planning, Structured Marketing Process, Definitive Purchase Agreements, Competition Law Litigation.
Insurance Litigation
We specialize in Policy Matters, and Claims assistance.
Market Research
Kreetam believes that understanding market dynamics and regulatory framework are essential for any firm’s growth. Our expert analysts provide a wide range of custom-tailored market research solutions for business entities.
Banking & Debt Management
We specialize in Debt management & Correspondence, pre-NPA advisory services, DRT litigation.

Our team

The team at Kreetam Law Associates is composed of highly skilled and experienced attorneys who are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services to clients. With expertise in high court matters, civil litigation, family court matters, and real estate matters providing exceptional legal service to the clients.

Renu Manjunath
Commercial, Criminal, Human Rights, & Family Matters
Renu Manjunath is an experienced attorney specializing in Commercial, Criminal, Human Rights, and Family Matters, committed to providing personalized and effective legal representation and achieving the best outcomes for clients.
Vasanth Adithya J.
Lawyer, Market analyst, Economist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Trainer
Vasanth Aditya J is an enterprising, dynamic lawyer with a difference. He wears many hats; he is not only a lawyer of high repute, but also a Market analyst, Economist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Law teacher and a documentary filmmaker.
Tania V
Civil, Company, & Family Matters
Tania is a versatile attorney specializing in Civil, Company, and Family Matters, providing clients with tailored legal solutions and committed to achieving positive outcomes.
Aryan Raghavendra
Legal Analyst, Civil & Criminal Matters
Aryan is a knowledgeable legal analyst specializing in Civil and Criminal Matters. Providing clients with insightful and strategic legal solutions to complex issues.

We are a top-rated law firm

At Kreetam Law Associates, we approach each case with a commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. Our team, led by Vasanth Adithya J, takes a strategic and proactive approach to each matter, thoroughly researching and analyzing the details of the case to develop a customized legal solution. Our attorneys work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and to provide guidance and support throughout the entire legal process.

With extensive experience and legal acumen, Kreetam law associates have a proven track record of success in delivering positive outcomes for clients. Whether working on litigation or be it coporate matters we are committed to achiving the best possible results for each client. Our team’s ability to deliver results is a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence.

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What our clients say

Dear Vasanth and Kreetam Law, this note is to thank you for your legal skills, your passion towards advocacy and compassion towards your clients and your persistent work towards bettering our community
Avanish Mudhaliar
CEO of OTTPlay & Hindusthan Labs
A set of young energetic and determined lawyers who strive to uphold justice
Paul Newman
Principal of St. Joseph's College
Very professional, dynamic and compassionate team that will guide you to the best outcomes.
Faizan Baksh
Independent Filmmaker

Cleaning the courtroom


This documentary focuses on coming to terms with the reality that several factors today ail our holy places of justice and sheds light on how we as a society can collectively resurrect it. With renowned people and agents of change such as Justice Santhosh N. Hegde, IPS officer Roopa Divakar Moudgil, transgender activist, actor & singer Dr. Akkai Padmashalim and many others sharing their views, Cleaning the Courtroom is an incisive take on the Indian judiciary system.

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Conceptual Foundation of Competition Law
Type: Book
Year: 2020
A succinct text on the Competition Act, 2002. It encapsulates the legal provisions pertaining to cartels, abuse of dominance and combination regulation along with relevant case law in India.
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